SafeRec Certified Umbrella Companies Comparison Table

Certified SafeRec Umbrella Companies

SafeRec is a provider of innovative AI software that audits umbrella company payslips in real time – providing peace of mind and transparency to the whole supply chain that hasn’t been possible before.

The SafeRec website explains more about certified umbrella companies. It states:

“Saferec Certified Umbrella Companies are audited at source in real-time. Workers, agencies and clients who decide to work with the Umbrella Companies below will receive audit reports proving that payrolls have been processed compliantly and ethically and taxes have been paid to HMRC.”

The certified SafeRec umbrella companies table above has been created by the Team in good faith. We’ve collated the information from the official certified SafeRec umbrella company list published on the SafeRec website, and have done our best to ensure the information is accurate at the date of publishing. SafeRec allows temporary workers to upload umbrella company payslips to be audited by AI software. The software will check payslips are being processed in accordance with HMRC’s rules and regulations, and will review the figures and identify any potential red flags. For more information, please visit the SafeRec website. And, if you’re interested in using a SafeRec certified umbrella company for your payroll, do reach out to certified members and ask them for more information about how the SafeRec auditing software works. Please read our website disclaimer, available here.

Table last updated: July 2023

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