FCSA and Professional Passport accreditation comparison table

FCSA and Professional Passport accreditation comparison table

Use our new accreditation comparison table to check whether a contractor accountant or umbrella company is accredited by the FCSA, Professional Passport, or both. Scroll down and see the accreditations of over 125 UK-based payroll providers.

Why should you use an accredited contractor accountant or umbrella company?

The number of contractor accountants and umbrella companies in the UK has skyrocketed over the last decade. With over 500 umbrellas to choose from, how do you know which ones you can trust and which ones should be avoided?

You must carry out due diligence before committing to an accountant or umbrella services. However, we strongly recommend you only consider using a company that has obtained either FCSA accreditation or Professional Passport accreditation. 

Choosing a compliant provider is critically important for many reasons, including:

  • They will ensure you pay the correct tax, eliminating the risk of an HMRC tax avoidance down the line.
  • They will ensure your tax affairs are up to date, with no unpleasant surprises.
  • They will offer high-quality customer service.
  • Their service frequently comes with extras, including free insurance, employee rights, etc.
  • They will provide you with expert advice and knowledge.
  • They will provide a transparent service with no tie in periods and no hidden fees.

Compare FCSA accredited umbrella companies and accountants

The FCSA (The Freelancer and Contractor Services Association) is perhaps the most recognised professional body in the UK committed to ensuring the supply chain of temporary workers is compliant with UK tax law. Companies that have obtained FCSA accreditation have undergone thorough audits, and all of their internal procedures will have been reviewed in great detail. 

The FCSA accredited over 50 umbrella companies and over 30 contractor accountants.

Compare Professional Passport accredited umbrella companies and accountants

Founded in 2007, Professional Passport is a well-recognised and respected professional body. They work closely with HMRC and strive to ensure the supply chain of contractors, freelancers, and related stakeholders operate compliantly and in accordance with HMRC’s rules and regulations.

Professional Passport has awarded its accreditation to over 65 umbrella companies in the UK.

FCSA and Professional Passport accreditation comparison table

The FCSA and Professional Passport accreditation comparison table below shows over 125 contractor accountants and umbrella companies which have gained an accreditation from either the FCSA or Professional Passport (PP). 

The FCSA and Professional Passport accreditation comparison table above has been created by the umbrellacompanies.org.uk Team in good faith. We’ve collated the information from the official FCSA and Professional Passport member directories, and have done our best to ensure the information is accurate at the date of publishing. We highly recommend before you register with an umbrella company or appoint a contractor accountant, you carry out thorough due diligence, and check they’re definitely accredited by the professional body listed above. If you find an error on the table above, we’d love to hear from you so that we can make the appropriate amendment. Please email info@umbrellacompanies.org.uk. Read our websites disclaimer as well, available here.

Table last updated: July 2023

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