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11 months ago

Optimum payroll for mbc agency are a disgrace. They won’t answer my calls anymore. When l did make 3 complaints, I was assured they would call me back and never did. They owe me payslips that I need for several purposes (that I was paying for) the sheer lies they tell smacks of scumbags chaging buissnes names and setting up again. (Would even send me Expences forms so I wouldn’t be £70 down per week ) but will lie about it repeatedly. Honestly these people as far as my instinct goes have set up as “OMNIA PAYROLL “. Hope I’m wrong or we are in for same more lies/blocked calls/no callbacks for pay queries/. OPTIMUM were the most unprofessional and blantent payroll iv ever HAD to use (Mbc only use them??!?) I would like to hear back from anyone who has dealings with them. Thanks

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