Professional Passport accredited umbrella companies and contractor accountants

Professional Passport accredited umbrella companies and contractor accountants

With more than 500 umbrella companies in the UK and hundreds of accountants for contractors, how do you know which company you should choose?

A great place to start is to search for an umbrella company or contractor accountant that has earned accreditation by Professional Passport or the FCSA. With so many companies out there, some are unethically targeting temporary workers and are providing a non-compliant service (promoting tax avoidance, for example). These companies could land you in serious trouble with HMRC, and you could face a significant tax bill in the future – even if you used a company intending to pay the correct tax and National Insurance Contributions.

Professional Passport

Professional Passport is one of the most recognised professional bodies in the UK that protects temporary workers by ensuring its members are compliant with UK tax law and regulations. For over a decade, Professional Passport has been working with HMRC to protect contractors and freelancers and make the professional working environment and tax system more suitable for the self-employed.

The table below shows a list of contractor accountants and umbrella companies that have obtained Professional Passport accreditation. 

For more information, please visit the official Approved Providers list on the Professional Passport website


The website also has a table of FCSA accredited umbrella companies and contractor accountants that you may find useful.

For a full list of accredited companies (contractor accountants and umbrella companies), please visit the page: FCSA and Professional Passport accreditation comparison table.

The Professional Passport accredited umbrella companies and contractor accountants table above has been created by the Team in good faith. We’ve collated the information from the official Professional Passport member directory, and have done our best to ensure the information is accurate at the date of publishing. We highly recommend before you register with an umbrella company, you carry out thorough due diligence, and check they’re definitely accredited by a professional body (Professional Passport or FCSA). If you find an error on the table above, we’d love to hear from you so that we can make the appropriate amendment. Please email Read our websites disclaimer as well, available here.

Table last updated: July 2023

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