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Media Pack 2023/24

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The latest Media Pack (2023/24) is available for you to view now. Please click on the button below. Alternatively, if you would like to send us a message or request the PDF to be emailed to you, please send an email to

Established in 2010, has become known as one of the most reliable sources of umbrella company information on the web. With over 1,500 pages and articles, the site is overflowing with helpful content for the UK’s temporary workforce, covering all things related to umbrellas.

The content on is designed to be insightful and educational for our readers. However, the underlying tone of all our content is evident – to promote compliant umbrella companies and to highlight the many reasons why a contractor or freelancer should never engage with an unethical tax avoidance scheme or non-compliant umbrella company. We are not associated with the FSCA or Professional Passport, but we respect these bodies as they are trying to promote compliance within the umbrella marketplace.

In September 2020, was taken over by Informed Media (now Informed Media Limited, registered in 2023). Our team has transformed the site from an outdated platform with hundreds of broken links to a modern and attractive umbrella company encyclopaedia. Since we took ownership, the site has grown month-on-month and has experienced exceptional growth on Google and other popular search engines – regularly popping up in position zero for umbrella-related search queries.

Every day, the site receives hundreds of visitors from our target audience (temporary workers in the UK) and we often reach over 6,000 and 7,000 visitors every month – with this figure growing rapidly.

The reputation of is continuing to grow within the sector. Recently, we were delighted to feature an exclusive Q&A with the FCSA’s CEO, Chris Bryce, to discuss the potential government regulations heading towards the umbrella company sector. Numerous prestigious industry stakeholders, including IT Contracting and Contractor Voice, have also linked to our content.

There have recently been many exciting developments on the website. For example, we have recently built an umbrella company directory that is entirely free for FCSA and Professional Passport accredited umbrellas to advertise. We have also added a forum to the site to encourage contractor-to-contractor engagement. Also, we recently launched a brand-new YouTube Channel which hosts over a dozen short and snappy videos which answer the most frequently asked questions about umbrella companies.

So what do we have lined up for the future? The honest answer – a lot.

We’re keen to continue adding multiple articles every week to ensure our loyal readers are updated with the latest industry activities. We will also add improved features for users to request take-home pay calculations. One area that we are very keen to develop is guest content. While our in-house team is up to speed on the latest goings-on in the sector, it would be wonderful to feature more guest content from accredited umbrella companies – to clear up any confusing or much-debated topics such as holiday pay. We also plan to continue adding videos to our website (hosted via our YouTube Channel), develop the free directory, promote the umbrella company forum, and more!

Thank you for expressing your interest in advertising with We look forward to the prospect of working with your umbrella company, and promoting your compliant payroll services.

For more information about advertising opportunities with, please scroll down or click here to be taken to our Media Pack 2023/24.

Advertising opportunities on

For the latest information on the various advertising opportunities available on, please view our latest Media Pack. We have summarised the opportunities available below.

Option 1 – Header and Sidebar Advertisements (Banner Advertisements)

Option 1 includes banner advertisements placed in the Header, Side Bar, Blog Articles and Web Pages (728 x 90 pixels and 300 x 250 pixels) throughout the website. These will receive thousands of impressions every month.

Option 2 – Advertising in the Bottom Bar Pop Up Call to Action

Option 2 allows advertisers to customise the bottom bar call to action.

Option 3 – Advertising in the Bottom Right Pop Up Call to Action

Option 3 allows advertisers to customise the bottom right pop up – as a way of generating enquiries/click-throughs.

Option 4 – Top 10 Umbrella Companies [only available for FCSA and/or Professional Passport accredited umbrella companies]

Our Top 10 Umbrella Companies is one of the most viewed pages on the website and we’re very proud to feature compliant and trustworthy providers. If you represent an umbrella company and you are interested in appearing in our top 10, view our Media Pack and send us a message (

Option 5 – Umbrella Company Directory [Free of Charge]

We have recently launched a new Umbrella Company Directory designed to show all umbrella companies that have an FCSA or Professional Passport accreditation. If you represent an accredited umbrella company, you can claim your free directory listing by searching for your umbrella on the directory web page. Alternatively, if your umbrella is missing, please send us an email, and we’ll update it as soon as possible (

Option 6 – Guest content

Every month, thousands of contractors and freelancers visit the many web pages and articles we feature on our website. We always add new materials and actively encourage umbrella companies committed to compliance to share guest content with our readers (articles).

Ideally, any article you submit will be between 500 – 2500 words on any topic that will help contractors and freelancers in the UK. Please don’t write a “salesly” article.

At the end of the article, we will happily include a biography about your umbrella company (up to 200 words), including a link to a page on your website, contact information and a picture of your logo. We will also share the article on our Twitter account (4,500+ followers).

If you would like to contribute guest content to, please send us an email now ( with your content, and we’ll get it published as soon as possible, assuming it meets our criteria.


We’re here to try and help as many contractors as possible make informed decisions about their payroll. We cannot stress this enough – please only use a compliant umbrella company, accountant or payroll provider.

Our disclaimer is available here. Please give it a read.

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