Umbrella Companies | Path to implementation of Agency Workers Directive still unclear

Path to implementation of Agency Workers Directive still unclear

There appears to be more confusion over the timing of the implementation of the Agency Workers Directive (AWD), which many are concerned could have far reaching implications for umbrella companies and contractors that work through their own limited company.

The government had pledged to refrain from implementing the AWD until October 2011 and yet it now seems they are keen to have it in place before the dissolution of parliament. In parliament recently Chris Mullin, MP for Sunderland South, asked Pat McFadden about his plans for implementation of the AWD.

Mullin pointed out that he felt the matter hadn’t been properly thought out and may well have been rushed through before dissolution.

At this point John Penrose, the Shadow Minister for Business, challenged McFadden saying that the government had previously expressed it’s intention delay full implementation of the AWD until the last possible date under European Law.  He also asked whether the government could reassure interested parties that they do in fact have the best interests of the country in mind.

McFadden replied by saying that, in bringing forward the AWD, the government are simply abiding by TUC-CBI agreement and that voters would have the opportunity to make their feelings know at the forthcoming general election.

In light of this debate, it is now clear is that the government is keen to gets things moving and have a blueprint in place as soon as possible in an attempt to reduce the uncertainty within the UK recruitment market. They will shortly be releasing their response to the recent consultation document and it is believed that this will clear up many of the issues raised by the industry.

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